Swords to Ploughshares Ireland invites you to a conversation between Jan Oberg (Director of the TFF-Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, Sweden), Eamon Rafter (World Beyond War, Ireland and SToP) and Niamh Ni Bhriain, Programme Coordinator War and Pacification at the Transnational Institute, The Netherlands.

The participants reflected on the growth of EU militarisation and the importance of retaining Irish neutrality. They examined the attempts by the global war industry to grow military budgets and their profits on the back of the war in Ukraine. They made the case for peace, not war and examined ways in which Irish neutrality is an important tool in conflict resolution.



StoP is a network of peace groups throughout the island of Ireland who are deeply concerned about the recent heightening of tensions between Russia and NATO, the increasing militarisation of the EU, the Irish Government’s development of a weapons industry and their increasing moves towards more militarisation. 


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February 27, 2022

Peace activist network Swords to Ploughshares (StoP) condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine


This Russian attack on Ukraine is a violation of international law and is having devastating consequences in the form of death and destruction for the people of Ukraine. We also express our solidarity with those courageous citizens of Russia who have taken to the streets to protest Putin’s war on Ukraine.

This aggression demonstrates the dangers of military confrontation and competition between two military blocs armed with nuclear weapons, NATO and Russia. NATO’s eastward expansion since the end of the Cold War has undermined security for the people of Europe and has created the context for Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. NATO, like all military alliances, has provided the conditions for war rather than preventing its occurrence.

We must resist efforts to use Russian aggression against Ukraine as an excuse for supporting Ireland’s on- going collusion with the U.S. and NATO through the use of Shannon airport by the U.S. military, as an opportunity to increase Ireland’s involvement with EU militarisation, and to boost weapons production anywhere on the island of Ireland. It is important to protect Irish neutrality as a basis for the peaceful resolution of conflict in accordance with Article 29 of the Irish constitution and the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.

We need a common and shared approach to genuine human security aimed at meeting real social needs such as housing, health, education and environmental sustainability rather than ever-increasing expenditure on weapons and war. Arms production and the arms trade fuel the war machine that results not only in military aggression against Ukraine but also devastating wars and military interventions in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. It is more important than ever to resist the siren call to war and militarism and we must never forget the appalling human consequences of war for civilians and soldiers alike.

Swords to Ploughshares (StoP) is a network of peace activists in Ireland recently formed to resist increasing involvement in arms production and the arms trade by both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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Downpatrick Declaration


StoP members at the anti-war protest in front of the Dáil on Feb. 24

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StoP member Joe Murray at the Russian Ambassor's residence February 27th

Thales protest Belfast 17-3-22.jpg

A protest at the Thales factory in Belfast on St Patrick's Day. 

Black shamrock Thales protest Belfast 17-3-22.jpg

A protest at the Thales factory in Belfast on St Patrick's Day. 


Watch the recent online public meeting on EU militarisation,

Irish neutrality and the war in Ukraine :  the case for peace.