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StoP is a network of peace groups and peace activists throughout the island of Ireland who are deeply concerned about the developing arms industry in the Republic, supported by the Irish government, the growing and sizeable arms industry in Northern Ireland, the increasing militarisation of the EU, and the recent heightening of tensions between Russia and NATO.

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Press Releases and Statements

February 1st 2023
Black Shamrock
March 17th 2022
Follow Up Letter to Simon Coveney Feb 23rd 2022
February 27th 2022
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February 11th 2022
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February 1st 2022
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Letter to Simon Coveney Feb 1st 2022
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January 26th  2022
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Online Public Meeting : Human and Ecological Security: an Alternative to War & Militarism : November 2022

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Swords to Ploughshares Ireland (StoP) hosted an online public meeting on “Human and Ecological Security: an Alternative to War & Militarism” on Wednesday, November 9 2022. The speakers were Diana Francis, British peace activist and author, and John Maguire, StoP member and member of the board of Afri (Action from Ireland). John Lannon of StoP and Shannonwatch moderated the discussion.


The dominant narrative about security characterises it as a military or state-based process preoccupied with political and economic power. This militarised approach to security is causing widespread human suffering and environmental destruction for the benefit of a small elite with a vested interest in perpetuating militarism.


We are calling for a new vision of human and ecological security that challenges this current preoccupation with military security. Human and ecological security that meets real human needs and protects the planet can form the basis of an active and constructive use of Irish neutrality as a central part of Irish foreign policy. 


Diana Francis is a lifelong peace campaigner in Britain who has spent many years supporting people who were trying to address violent social and political conflict in different parts of the world, acting as a facilitator, trainer, mediator and accompanier. She has written several books based on her experience. She is a founding member of Rethinking Security and, having now retired from travel, puts all her time into campaigning in Britain. 


John Maguire is Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University College Cork, and a board member of Afri (Action from Ireland). He is the author of Defending Peace (Cork University Press 2002) and, with Joe Noonan, of Maastricht and Neutrality (People First/Meitheal 1992). The event was organised in partnership with Afri (Action from Ireland) and INNATE (Irish Network for Nonviolent Action, Training and Education)

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